Accreditation's gate in France


Supporting business, innovation and public policies

Cofrac is constantly developing accreditation schemes in new markets to address their needs.

Arising from various applicants, the requests may be enforced by regulation or private standards, as well as by conformity assessment bodies voluntarily looking for an official recognition of competencies.

Thanks to a strong public commitment, Cofrac plays a major role in supporting innovation, public policies and economy in general. Cofrac collaborates with applicants to define the most appropriate accreditation scheme in respect of needs and current international standards. Cofrac notably examines:

  • the context of the application and the objective of conformity assessment;
  • the pertinence and admissibility of suggested accreditation standard by notably making sure no similar scheme already exists on an international level;
  • the validity of conformity assessment standard (development by all concerned bodies and/or definition of criteria for conformity assessment evaluation in line with appropriate standards or technical requirements).

All accredited bodies benefit from these developments as they allow Cofrac, thanks to feedbacks and its Development Committee, to continuously improve the procedures and tools in place to make accreditation an ever more performing service, in respect to appropriate standards.

Public authorities, private prescribers or conformity assessment bodies: accreditation has a leverage effect in reinforcing the market trust in conformity assessment services.

Contacts :

Certifications section:

Sandrine DUPIN – Accreditation Manager in charge of schemes development (certification, verification and qualification bodies)
Tel.: 00 33 1-44-68-64-68 | e-mail

Inspection section:

Philippe CASSAN – Development Manager-Operational Support (inspection, legal metrology)
Tel.: 00 33 1-44-68-87-35 | e-mail

Section Laboratoires :

Géraldine COUSSY – Development and Promotion Manager (testing, calibration, interlaboratory comparisons, reference material – Physics-Mecanics Pole & Building-Electricity Pole)
Tel.: 00 33 1-44-68-76-22 | e-mail

Tahéraly MAMODALY - Development and Training Manager (testing, calibration, interlaboratory comparisons, reference material – Biology-Agrifood Pole & Chemistry-Environment Pole)
Tel.: 00 33 1-44-68-76-21 | e-mail

Healthcare section:

Magali THERAUD – Support and Assessors Unit Manager
Tel.: 00 33 1-44-68-42-84 | e-mail